About me

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Hello, I’m Pamela,
and I can play my part to help seize that special moment in time for eternity.

The precious moments in life are, unfortunately fleeting, and coupled with this, the human desire to recapture and recall those memories.I became passionate about photography when trying to do just that, especially for those very personal, important and inspiring moments.  For me the starting point was when I got married, I got crazy looking for photographers, not only learning about quality but also looking for the one who was matching our way to be. Consequently, when I had my first son, I went deep in photography trying to capture moments and the emotions for eternity.


Since then, I simply have not stopped taking photos, taking courses and learning, learning and learning! and from this I have developed a true love and skill for the art of photography. I love, those simple, natural, spontaneous and touching moments. Not only does a picture paint a 1000 words, but a photo creates an ocean of feelings and emotions.


I compare photographs as jewellery, in the way that both will remain with you like family treasures, that can be handed down from one generation to the next, but even more, a snapshot provides the ability to travel back in time to that day, hour, minute and second… this is priceless!


I am Spanish and a proud citizen of the world, I have lived my past 10 years in the Middle East and Africa, and currently I am based in Alicante, Spain. My experience working with different cultures and knowledge in different languages had allowed me to approach people and make them to feel comfortable with me,  just natural. The world is a beautiful place with so many wonderful things and experiences, and if you want me to help you capture your unique moments,  I can play my part to help seize that special moment in time for eternity.